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  Tilemap tutorial (part 5)
Sun 9th December 2012   
Welcome to the fifth and final part of the Tilemap tutorial.

As promised in the previous article I will finally explain how to render the tilemap using a special shader that allows you to draw the whole tilemap with only two triangles.

  Tilemap tutorial (part 4)
Sun 2nd December 2012   
Welcome to the fourth part of the Tilemap tutorial.

The previous article explained the concept of batching and using texture atlases to draw a tilemap more efficiently.

This new article will finally attack the final topic: How to write a Tilemap optimized shader.

  Tilemap tutorial (part 2)
Mon 19th November 2012   
Welcome to the second part of the Tilemap tutorial.

Hopefully at this point you should have a reasonably clear idea of what tiles and tilemaps are. Now is the time to see how this all translates in programming terms.

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