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About the author

I'm not going to pretend that this site is owned by some corporation or any kind of company: It's owned by a single individual.

Based on this, I will cut the crap and just use the first person, that will make things a lot more natural and direct.

So, who I am, and what is this all about?

Well, let's say I'm a videogame developer. I've been working in the industry since 1995, in positions ranging from game-code programming to system design, from 3d engine optimization to tools development, and from writing asset export pipelines to writing technical designs and business plans.
I've worked on machines ranging from 8 bit computers to modern PCs, did a significant amount of console development, and used languages ranging from various assembler dialects to C++11.

More recently most of my work has been in very large teams involving hundreds of talented persons on multi-year projects, and I missed the 'good old time' when one or two persons could create a complete game from A to Z. Let's call that nostalgia.

After discussing with my employer I got the green light: I'm officially authorized to work on my own small pet project, codename The 2D Game.

About the name

I have to admit that the name is not super original, but at least it clearly says what the game is not, and probably hints to what it may be.

The rationale behind this name is that I did not want to start working on something seriously without putting all the chances on my side.
When working on indy games, it is important to stay motivated, to get some visibility, get some people following you up.
This means that it was very important to get a working web site with a semi easy to remember URL. Well guess what, was my first try and it was free.

The final game will probably not be called The 2D Game. Think of The 2D Game as some kind of prefix used in the name of each game in a series (example: The Elder Scrolls™, Wing Commander™, Might & Magic™, ...).
If I manage to release my game, it will probably be called something like The 2D Game: Something whatever, and then if this game was a success, it may be followed by the even better The 2D Game: Even More Things! sequel.

About the game

Obviously if I'm going to make this game mostly alone (I may bring in some people later on if I manage to get something interesting) I will not try to make some epic 3D game with advanced graphics and 7.1 audio.

I'm not quite sure yet of what the game will be, but you can expect it to be relatively simplistic in appearance, most certainly will involve 2d pixel art.

Since I would not try to develop a game I would not like to play, you may expect some role playing mechanisms, quests, exploration, hidden elements, interactive devices, possibly some form of fighting, and possibly some procedural generation of content.

About the website

This website, will be used to describe the advancement of the project.

I may totally fail in making this game, but I may also manage to do it. In both case it would be interesting to know what were the reasons of the failure or success, so this site will be used to document the development process.
I will try to add articles explaining some of the design processes, but also explain some of the technical challenges and solutions I took, with some actual code that you can reuse if you happen to have the same issue.

Wish me good luck!
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