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Wed 10th October 2012   
Some background information about this website.

Jack of all trades?

If I was totally optimal in my approach when it's about making The 2D Game, I should definitely do the opposite of what I'm currently doing, which is hand editing a website.

The sad reality is that I kind of enjoy doing a bit of everything, and in my normal work day I don't have much time left to enjoy working on all these things that gravitate around the actual game development part of the job.

I think that the idea I'm following is to push the 'one man show' work to the extreme: I'm planning (for as long as possible) to try to make as much as possible of the game myself, and this include the programming,
graphical design, audio, game logic, but also the website, blog posts, advertising and social networking. Everything.

Why? Just because I think I can :)

Nitty gritty details

The site you are currently browsing is actually hosted on my own server at home, and is 100% hand written in PHP. Everything is stored in some text files, there is no database, and the core of it was written in one evening.

Over time I'm probably going to change the design, add features, clean-up the CSS, fix the incompatibilities, etc... but in the meantime I guess it's ok enough.

Then main reason1
I'm doing that by hand, is that I have some experience in what it means to use other's people web applications: You have to keep updating them all the time due to numerous exploits and bugs.

Honestly, I have other things to do than checking that my version of Word Press or PhpBB is up-to-date. At least if I got pwned it will be with my code, and I will learn about it and hopefully get smarter.

The TODO list so far

Right now the blog handling is 90 lines of PHP, including the Disqus code, but of course there are still some missing features.
At the moment what I am missing is the following:
  • A way to create notes in the text2
  • Some syntax coloring module to make it easy to show code examples
  • Possibly adding support to insert emoticons, but I'm not quite sure if I really want that at the moment :)
  • Some navigation to move between the articles chronologically
  • Probably some tagging of the articles with categories
That's all for today! Thanks for reading.

1. The second reason is that it's actually nice not having to use the abysmal text editors builts in blog engines.
2. Actually, we now have working notes...
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